The French Wife


'Helene has befriended orphan Annette. Now working for the family, Annette has a dark secret. 

A captivating read, it brings together vibrant characters and historical settings with great success.'

Women’s Weekly



'Somerset author Diney Costeloe has returned with another historical fiction novel. Having sold more than one million copies of her books in a lengthy career, the Shipham author has now released her latest title the French Wife, a tale of love, secrets and danger set in 19th Century France. The story invites the reader into the home of the St Clair family as they prepare for the grand wedding of their daughter Clarice. Below stairs, orphan Annette has just arrived after fleeing the horrors of the 1871 siege of Paris. An old friendship, a new love and a dangerous secret threaten to destroy the life the St Clair family have worked so hard to build. Diney Costeloe, who grew up in a publishing family, has now had nearly 20 novels published, many of them set in 19th Century France or in World War two Britain. A gripping tale of love, secrets and peril, The French Wife is available in hardback, priced £18.99, and is published by Head of Zeus. It’s available via booksellers such as Amazon and Waterstones.''

Weston Mercury


The Married Girls


‘A gripping saga.’
My Weekly


‘With Costeloe’s writing style and her power to bring the past to life, accurately and thoroughly evoking the emotional and lifestyle struggles of the time period, I would definitely recommend this book as well as be excited to read anything else by this author.’ 
The Coffee Pot

The Girl with No Name


‘The characterisation is incredibly clever...the attention to period detail makes this an incredibly evocative read. Diney Costeloe has created a compelling heroine in an interesting and moving story – definitely worth a read.’
The Bookbag


Somerset Life


‘The novel is filled with twists and turns, and the kindness of strangers is an inspiration for this difficult period in history’
Jewish Community Voice


The Throwaway Children


‘Enlightening, compelling and emotional.’
Living North


'I've just finished your book and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. It was such a good story and the ending was perfect. I look forward to reading more of your books, thank you.'
Gwen Tucker 


'Have just finished reading this book. It's the first novel ever that has made me cry - and I'm 63! Thank you for the wonderful story, giving a glimpse of what life must have been like for those poor children.'


'Just finished reading your book on my kindle and I really enjoyed it ... probably as much as Angela's Ashes and The Thorn Birds both of which are in my best reads . I will now find your other books to read. Drying my eyes now x'
Kate Bowring


'I have just finished reading The Throwaway Children, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love reading and have enjoyed many books, but there aren't many books that make me feel so emotional. I found myself smiling and crying many times whilst reading it, very much so at the end! Thanks for a great read.'
Pam Jones


'I've just finished your book and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it .it was such a good story and the ending was perfect .I look forward to reading more of your books ,thank you. Just to say I finished The Throwaway Children and thoroughly enjoyed it even although I was in tears.'
Betty Mulholland


'I have just read The Throwaway Children and have to say it's amazing! X'
Gina Webb


'Just finished this! Absolutely loved it! I'm off to find your other titles...fantastic bit of writing!'
Anita Cornish


'I have just finished reading your wonderful book, The Throwaway Children… keep up the good work of writing your stories ... The Throwaway Children is one of the best books I have ever read.'
Joan Davies


'I have just read your latest book The Throwaway Children…and could not put it down. I have read it from cover to cover…It is beautifully written and the story line is so gripping…I will be recommending it to as many of my fellow readers as I can.'
Shena Hanwell


'I just finished reading your book titled The Throwaway Children and felt I had to compliment you on such a well written story. I could not put this book down I found it so absorbing. I read a great deal but this is the first time I felt I just wanted to say a personal 'Thank you' to an Author for writing such a lovely story…You did a great job and I applaud you for it.'
Jean Limbrick 

The Runaway Family


'An excellent book…To say I 'enjoyed' this book is wrong. Enjoy is not a word to use for such a topic as this, but I was quite overwhelmed by it.  Nothing mawkish or sentimental about the writing, it was clean and strong, no exaggeration was needed to emphasis the horrors of this time, the plain statement of fact is enough.  This is a wonderful book, deeply moving and I cannot recommend it enough.'
Random Jottings

This is compelling and immensely moving historical fiction that takes you into the depths of Nazi Germany and the sheer terror of those times. Diney Costeloe has evoked the sheer terror felt by Jews in the late 1930s in Germany. My mother was one of them and got out. So many did not. Read this book and begin to understand the pain and the horror.’
Rabbi Julia Neuberger

The Sisters of St Croix


'Historical fiction heaven ... Diney is excellent at pacing and introducing historical factors. Anyone who feels that women's hist fict is a simplified genre sub-set would definitely need a rethink after this'
The Bookbag, Top Ten Women's Fiction Books of 2016

‘A vivid insight into the work of the French Resistance under German occupation.’

Betty Rowlands (writer)


“There is no grace in war only in the spirits of those who live through dreadful times…a compelling tale beautifully written.’
George Baker (actor)


'This novel is a gripping page-turner and paints a vivid picture of life and work in the French Resistance. Readers who enjoy tales of WW2 and life in France during the occupation are assured of a treat from the very first page. I could not put it down!'
Jane Hill, The Historical Novel Society


'A riveting book and a fast paced thriller set against the dark and dangerous background of Nazi occupied France. It is a must read.’
George Gordon, former Daily Mail Bureau Chief in New York


‘A fascinating story of wartime cruelty and courage…there is genuine tension and emotion here and enough incident to keep the reader engrossed.’
Western Daily Press Review 


‘A powerful historical novel set in northern France during the second World War and highlights the work of the French Resistance….the defeat of France brings German occupation to the village and the nuns find themselves caught up in a war that threatens themselves and their beliefs.’
Somerset Life


'The Sisters of St Croix is an exciting story full of suspense & danger. Adelaide & Sarah are both wonderful heroines, incredibly brave & resourceful. Their stories reflect those of many people during WWII who risked their own lives to help others.'
Lyn Baines


The Lost Soldier


‘Diney’s depiction of women's heroic roles during the war is fascinating, and the combat scenes are well-written. This exceptional novel is highly recommended as enjoyable for readers of a variety of tastes and interests.’
Nanette Donohue – Historical Novel Society


‘A powerful and moving account of the brutality of war itself'
Tony Benn


‘Powerful witness to a grave injustice’
Martin Bell OBE


‘Diney Costeloe has tackled an important subject. We should never forget this terrible injustice!’
John Humphrys


‘A cracking good story.’
Colonel John Hughes-Wilson – Co-author of Blindfold and Alone


‘From the first chapter I found it hard to put down.’
The Wells Journal


‘A powerful new book….representing a “gross injustice” to the memory of the brave soldiers who fought in World War One.’
Bridgwater Mercury


‘A powerful and moving account of war.’
Somerset Life Magazine


‘A human story that touches the heart.’
Terry Carter - Author of Birmingham Pals


‘Costeloe covers a difficult and painful subject -- the plight of deserters during World War I -- with care and sensitivity. Her depiction of women's heroic roles during the war is fascinating, and the combat scenes are well-written. This exceptional novel is highly recommended as enjoyable for readers of a variety of tastes and interests.'
Nanette Donohue


‘Strongly written and heart-breaking this is a book that should be read and particularly, in this year when we are remembering World War I.'
Elaine Simpson-Long