The Lost Soldier

(Previously published as The Ashgrove)

1921 In the sleepy village of Charlton Ambrose, eight ash trees stand as a timeless memorial to the men killed in the Great War. On a dark and chilly night, a ninth tree appears. Who planted it and why? And who was 'the unknown soldier' for whom it is marked?

2001 Eighty years later, the memorial is under threat from developers. Local reporter, Rachel Elliott, is determined to save it, and to solve the mystery of the ninth tree. The trail will take her into the dark heart of her own family history; to a great, but tragic, love; and to a secret that has been kept since the war to end all wars.

“A powerful and moving account of the brutality of war itself.” Tony Benn

“Powerful witness to a grave injustice” Martin Bell OBE

“Diney Costeloe has tackled an important subject. We should never forget this terrible injustice!John Humphrys

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Published as and audiobook titled "The Nurses of St.Croix" 

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